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標題: [IELTS] 急! 找IELTS Speaking study partner 一起練習 [打印本頁]

作者: chinger9900    時間: 2011-5-27 11:36 PM     標題: 急! 找IELTS Speaking study partner 一起練習

有人得閒一起練習ielts speaking 嗎?
my aim: speaking 7.5
(7.0 last time)

Email:[email protected]
作者: chinger9900    時間: 2011-5-29 07:45 PM

or can anyone advise me where i can find a study partner?
作者: peachbb    時間: 2011-6-8 02:46 PM

作者: asdfasdfas    時間: 2011-6-10 08:28 AM

it would be perfectly fine only that
your oral is better than me~  haha
nevertheless I am taking the TOEFL but
what;s the difference?
作者: lokchui    時間: 2011-10-27 02:20 PM

lets study tgt!
email:[email protected]
作者: shadowhero    時間: 2012-9-15 12:36 PM

email: [email protected]

btw where to practice??
作者: shadowhero    時間: 2012-9-15 12:37 PM

please pm me for details thank you ^^

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